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Biennial Conference:

The Angamis proud descendant of the Head Hunters follows the purest form of democracy love to get together often. To have a better coordination among the Students’ community, Biennial Conference had been organized after every two years.
The 23rd Biennial Conference was hosted by the Mezoma Students’ Union where hundreds and thousands gathered under the theme “………………………………….”. The Conference garners different issues that are challenging the students and also address social concern.

The 24th Biennial Conference is slated to be held at the end of March, 2011. Sovima Village a prosperous Village under Chakhro jurisdiction under Dimapur District of Nagaland will be hosting the conference. The Village is 72 km from the Capital Kohima and 5 km from commercial hub Dimapur, an ideal place for the students to have the conference. The Angami Students Union as well as the Hosting Village expects hundreds and thousands of students from Angami Villages to be part of this conference showcasing their rich culture and tradition through folk tunes, traditional attires.

We expect to see you all in the forth coming ASU Biennial Conference at Sovima Village. We also invite all of you to this Conference.

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